Betelnut Trading Business.

Clientele Type

We have 70 to 80 Clients.
All the clients are from Latur and the near by area.


We have our own premises of 368Sq Ft.
Premises is G+3, ground floor is shop above that there is a residential area.
Premises is in the heart of the city, its in main market Ggunj Golai, Latur City.

Asking Price Includes

All business assets and land building.
Market value of Land and building is INR2Cr.


Need funds to close bank loan.

Other Details

Betelnut trading business is growing every year.
Our business is fully set up, Only one person Handel business.
We are purchasing betelnut in manglore,nagpur, and sell wholesale price in Latur.
Our business is 12 years old, we are easily doing business of 30Lakhs to 50Lakhs per month.
The profit margin in this business is around 3%.
Per month expenses of the business are INR20,000 to INR25,000.
Business is having bank loans of up to INR1cr 90Lakhs.
For Debtors, we have to take 15Lakhs to 20Lakhs

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